Bits of Pig (e​.​p​.​)

by Bonbon Experiment

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An extended play featuring 6 offcuts from 2013 - rougher and rawer than my last album "Kleptomania" it includes tracks such as "The Last Day" recorded the day Thatcher died, alongside experimental pieces "Convert" and "Vulnerable", plus two songs, "Better Happen Soon" and "The Wreckage" recorded after the "Kleptomania" sessions.


released July 6, 2014




Bonbon Experiment Manchester, UK

Bonbon Experiment is the main musical project of Adrian Slatcher. He records for the online label BDM Recordings (previously Brain Death Music). His latest album is "Traipses" and during 2016 he recorded the 3 "Test Pressing" e.p.s. A new album will be released in mid-2017. ... more

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Track Name: Better Happen Soon
I saw New Order in ‘84
I had a time when I followed the Fall
I skipped up the Pennine Way
And drowned myself in the urban rain
I’m a country boy
Who followed the lights
The music drew me
To City Life
Well, its been good and bad,
And sometimes sublime
Despite drunken nights
And Petty crime

I’ve been here for 22 years
I’ve always worked both ends of the room
Something good better happen soon
Something good better happen soon

I was at the Hacienda back in the day
The PSV and the International 2
But I sat at my day job every day –
Drawing obscene doodles to you –
I never mean to make this my stopping place
And not everything has been to my taste
But there comes a time
When the music fades
And its time to head
For some better days

I’ve been here for 22 years
I’ve always worked both ends of the room
Something good better happen soon
Something good better happen soon

Manchester’s stuck in its own myth
And I’m not sure its one I’m happy with
Well, thanks for the memory
And the laughs and the rest
And I’ll send you a postcard
From where I go next.
Its an easy place to land
A bad place to grow –
Bad farmers
Reap what they sow
Don’t get me wrong
I’ve no regrets –
I chose my bed
And I lay in it –
But I’ve seen better worlds
Just a flight away
And I might have to try
And get away
The Joy Division theme park
Was not my idea
And to be honest
I don’t think its got any place being here.
Track Name: State of the Century
State of the century / how did it comes to that / did it need biofuels / need it need something else / Welcome to AngloZone / Did you sleep soundly in your amhetamine bed tonight / Can it be lately / Call for a Doctor / There was no Doctor / Then we will come here / Open the window / Let in the crazed bats / let in the soft flies / If I hallucinate / can I still masturbate / They put in the filters / They taxed us for chocolate / Endgame for Persons / Run from a Tazer / Sleep on the wet streets /
Show us your I.D / Come to our Chapel / God is Your Saviour / Join his dumb army / Regulate haircuts / Take out your jewellery / I jacked up the webcam / Saw you were peaceful / My mind is too weary / There’s trouble in Toytown / There’s new laws in RapeTown / They’re digging the culture / The artists are massing / Sweet colour of morning / State of the Century / Did I mention South Sudan? / Did I mention Aleppo? / Lets ride shotgun / Burnt out forgotten / Stunned by the people / Burnt out and ready / Milk in the morning / Ty on the roadside / Thumbing to nowhere / At the Passion house farewell / Caught by a Landslide / Nobody Loves You / The news is Nobody Loves you / So much for Hope in the land of the consumer / You’d best go to Tesco and Try out the new tills / 24 hour service and still you are lonely / What more can I do for you shallow consumer? / Sale of the Century / Sale of the Century / Top on alcohol / Zero strength integrity / Money is Touch-free / I lived through the wartime / Celebrate our mistaken sense of confusion / Mistake our confusion for a sense of celebration / What good might come of it? / There’s plenty more where this came from / And here is my sermon / Before there#s a warning / Welcome to AngloZone / You are our 1000th consumer / Leave your shoes and collect when you’re leaving / Type 1 if your God’s Allah Type 2 if its Jehovah Type 3 if a Jedi / Mortgage your heart for some other remarks / Sale of the century / State of the century Sale of the Century / State of the century
Track Name: The Wreckage
So very
thinks to choose
his time

But the hammer
can fall
in a second

Make the day
last long
get in line

Lets not
things could have
been better

won’t you get in line
won’t you get in line
won’t you get in line

Did I ever
ask you
what you did
with your time?

Let us go
down again
and look at
the wreckage?

At the place
it happened
there’s nothing
to notice

There’s a boy
at the window
and he was there
on that morning

will he forget?
will he forget?
will he forget?
will he forget?