Meet the Relatives

by Bonbon Experiment

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During 2014 I had taken a bit of a rest from recording, and had only just got around to putting out the e.p. “Bits of Pig” which included various outtakes from the last year.

In August however I sat down to do something I’d been planning for a while. My new Korg Monotribe drum machine/sequencer had a clock in which meant I could link it to the arpeggiator on my 30 year old Roland Juno 6. The drum machine/synth combination had been at the basis of most of my recordings from 1986-1994 and when my old Korg drum machine had broken I’d missed being able to utilise the Juno’s arpeggio as a songwriting tool.

Rather than record just a couple of songs, I found I was inspired to record the best part of an album, including a “live jam” which is the long instrumental that now appears on the first half o fthis new album. With the majority of the album recorded in a fortnight at the end of August, I realised that a couple of songs were a little generic and I wanted to make the album a bit lighter, and more musical, so sat down at the end of September to record another couple of songs. “Meet the Relatives” became both the title of the opening wordless number, and a theme for the cover concept.

The title track had a bit of an Eno "Here Come the Warm Jets" feel which probably inspired the "On Some Faraway Beach" style humming. I'd been wanting to do a live jam for some while, and the long instrumental that is the second track grew out of this, with aspects of Four Tet and other techno artists. Clubbing in Amsterdam a few weeks ago made me want to write some more melodic tracks, which possibly led into "Obstacles" and "Gilded Youth", whilst the most commercial track on here, "Helicopters" has a nod to old school electronic acts, and even newer ones such as Fischerspooner.

In line with the original idea, this album only includes the Roland Juno 6 and the Korg Monotribe, with vocals and a brief melodica line on “Foxgloves.” It therefore feels quite a contrasting album to my last full length release, 2013’s “Kleptomania.”

Downloads get a copy of the lyrics and a CD cover.


released September 28, 2014




Bonbon Experiment Manchester, UK

Bonbon Experiment is the main musical project of Adrian Slatcher. He records for the online label BDM Recordings (previously Brain Death Music). His latest album is "Traipses" and during 2016 he recorded the 3 "Test Pressing" e.p.s. A new album will be released in mid-2017. ... more

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Track Name: Obstacles
When you used to pass me on the wrong side of the road
I used to say it was because you simply didn’t know
The things that was I planning
To make our paths cross
That would bring us together
And make you feel the loss

When you used to run away when I entered the room
I knew your shyness would go away quite soon
Because I had a vision
In which you were the star
And we would come together then
And then we’d go far

For I knew we were meant to
I see it aint easy
The obstacles put in our way
Were just for us to push away

When you used to ask who was leaving you the gift
I kept silent thought I knew my hints weren’t missed
I knew what you needed
And spent all of spare change
But didn’t say it was me
So you wouldn’t think I’m strange

When you realised it had been me all along
I waited for you to ask me to write for you a song
Maybe you don’t like music
Or haven’t got a voice –
But don’t worry I will write you one
You haven’t got a choice

For I knew we were meant to
I see it aint easy
The obstacles put in our way
Were just for us to push away

When I look back and think of you at all
I can’t believe I loved a girl who didn’t care at all
I was young and stupid
And fell for a lie
Wherever you are now
At least I can say I tried

For I knew we were meant to
I see it aint easy
The obstacles put in our way
Were just for us to push away
Track Name: Gilded Youth
In decadence we sought purity
fill the river with a million flowers

When at dawn you came back with me
we watched the sun come up for hours

The nights are long though our youth is brief
we made a circle of our promises

When the moon lit up the distant beach
and we all know what it is
Track Name: Helicopters
Read in the news Japan is arming
Put my parent’s money in organic farming
On a plane surrounded by the army
She looked like she’d stepped from a Murakami
When the acid rain came down
Knew it was time to skip this town
Last thing I saw/ that girl was grooving
I am generation Why?
So don’t feed me your llies…
Next time I looked there was nothing moving

Water in the bowl needs constant stirring
And the helicopters keep on whirring

This is not my idea of progress
I don’t understand your diagnosis
I’m still a Chernobyl child –
That means I’m not on your side –
Fukushima could have been predicted
By the time you scream out loud
Beijing’s under a mushroom cloud
Because we are cheap oil addicted

Water in the bowl needs constant stirring
And the helicopters keep on whirring

The black cat stops her purring
And the helicopters keep on whirring
Track Name: Foxgloves
The summer of my triumph
ended in disaster
reminded me of seasons
long gone by
We took in the hay
and I drove the green tractor –
beating back the rain
that threatened from the sky

I went with dad out shooting
early in the morning
came across a shelter
but no-one was there….
Heard a foxes bark
that came without warning
for a moment I saw you
then noone was there

Love is as brief
as you on that morning
were you a mirage
or a figment of my mind?
The memory returns
to me without warning…
they took you from the
hanging branch
and left the trap behind

Did our romance
Have to end quite as violently?
Escaping from the chicken run
With a dog upon your heel
Run past the foxgloves
to where the water was
The scent of you returning
Across the ancient fields
Track Name: Make Room for Love
Claim back your heart
There will be a return
Don’t be afraid
That’s what I’ve learned

Make room for love
Let love break in
Make room for love
And feel it win

Downplay the past
Stay off those pills
Don’t regret what’s passed
Embrace new thrills

Make room for love
Let love break in
Make room for love
And feel it win